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To this day I still have a hard time thinking of Mrs. Honeycutt as anything but Mrs. Honeycutt, regardless of how many times she told me to call her Vickie! My most vivid memory of the teaching side of Mrs. Honeycutt is when I turned in my first paper in her 10th grade English class and apparently I got a little too comma happy!! In true Mrs. Honeycutt fashion, she somehow managed to tell me I was completely wrong but in a way that actually made me like her more. Those are the teachers that truly made a difference in my life and Mrs. Honeycutt is the example I think back to most.

However, to me the teaching side was only one facet of her life I was fortunate to experience. I was also extremely fortunate to get to know her and her family on a personal level. Her son and I became great friends and it’s obvious to know why he is listed in my phone as “Super Dane Honeycutt”. Her family truly was a reflection of her and it’s my honor to help remember her legacy with this Foundation.

Thanks to all of those in our initial setup of the Vickie S. Honeycutt Foundation and I look forward to trying to do my part in mirroring the generosity that Mrs. Honeycutt spent her life spreading. Please do not hesitate to contact me for questions or if you know a teacher or educator that we can try to help.

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