Longboarding USA and The Vickie S. Honeycutt Foundation

What a cool idea!  We are honored to have been selected by Longboarding USA as an organization they will promote on their trek across the country!  Extremely proud of these guys from Mt. Pleasant—they are like the Forest Gump’s of long boarding!!  Here is some more information from their webpage www.longboardingusa.com (http://www NULL.longboardingusa NULL.com)


Longboarding USA is a journey that two brothers from Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina are taking to spread awareness for various charities and ideas that break away from common every day commotion.  Caleb and Tanner Childs are setting off from Wilmington, NC and hoping to finish in San Francisco, CA.  Along the way they will attempt to encourage donations and an adventurous lifestyle to the many friends they will make.
We will keep you updated as it gets closer to their start date in May.

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