Freelance Writer

Hi, Mrs. Honeycutt gave me the gift of words. I intended to go to college and be an artist. Instead Mrs. Honeycutt inspired me to write. I was so worried as to how to write my paper. She took time out of her busy day to help me. She inspired me. I remember her smile. Whether it was a bad day or a great day she always smiled. Thank you for the gift of words Mrs. Honeycutt. Through the years you touched so many lives. I always looked forward to seeing her. Always dressed so nice and smiling. You are missed so very much. Always, Stephanie

Mom’s Legacy Lives On!

I was so touched by reading about the life of your Mom. She sounds like an amazing woman who has impacted alot of folks in such a good and positive way. I know you miss her and I am sorry for your loss. I love the t-shirt idea in her memory and I bet she would too. Thanks for sharing her personal story and the pictures with all of us,the Avett Brother fans.

Kathy Holbrook

Missing one of my heroes

I have been pondering my post this past week and cannot think of only one experience that encompasses my relationship with Vickie Honeycutt. Choosing one experience would be like describing her in one word, something I think is impossible. I am lucky enough to have been taught and mentored by Vickie, one of the most amazing women I believe has ever walked this Earth. Through her compassion, love, kindness and warmth, she taught me that life is about seving others.

I am also lucky enough to call her dear son my friend. Dane and his sister Ashley are beautiful examples of the life their mother led.

Vickie Honeycutt is clearly one of my heroes and a day does not go by that I do not think of her.

Pink Hair for Hope (and Vickie)

Hi, my name is Dana Lowery Ramseur, I am a friend of Vickie’s through her son Dane (who works with my husband and the Avetts) and through Cabarrus county schools (I am the librarian at Northwest Cabarrus High School). At my media center I am advertising with the students that during the month of October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to stop by after school to get a pink hair extension in their hair. I am working with Shelby at Shear Expressions Salon of Concord and Pink Hair For Hope. The cost is $10 and alll benefits go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The kids are pretty excited about the event and I think it is something that Vickie would get a kick out of. If you are interested in participating/donating too please contact Shear Expressions at 704-788-4247 and make an appointment to get your pink hair extension.
Her salon is located at
76 Roberta Road,
Concord, NC, 28027

Share Your Vickie Story

To this day I still have a hard time thinking of Mrs. Honeycutt as anything but Mrs. Honeycutt, regardless of how many times she told me to call her Vickie! My most vivid memory of the teaching side of Mrs. Honeycutt is when I turned in my first paper in her 10th grade English class and apparently I got a little too comma happy!! In true Mrs. Honeycutt fashion, she somehow managed to tell me I was completely wrong but in a way that actually made me like her more. Those are the teachers that truly made a difference in my life and Mrs. Honeycutt is the example I think back to most.

However, to me the teaching side was only one facet of her life I was fortunate to experience. I was also extremely fortunate to get to know her and her family on a personal level. Her son and I became great friends and it’s obvious to know why he is listed in my phone as “Super Dane Honeycutt”. Her family truly was a reflection of her and it’s my honor to help remember her legacy with this Foundation.

Thanks to all of those in our initial setup of the Vickie S. Honeycutt Foundation and I look forward to trying to do my part in mirroring the generosity that Mrs. Honeycutt spent her life spreading. Please do not hesitate to contact me for questions or if you know a teacher or educator that we can try to help.