Field Day 5K results and photos

A special thanks to everyone that came out to join us on May 3rd for our Third Annual Field Day 5K!  As always, it was a fantastic time and it was so special to see so many familiar and supportive faces.

We are excited to announce that our top fundraising school and winner of our Grand Prize from Union Street Bistro is Patriots Elementary School!  We look forward to bringing this terrific incentive to you for future years!

Attached are the results from the event.  Due to the size of the files, you can view our pictures from the event on on our facebook page by clicking here (https://www NULL.facebook  Thanks again for your continued support of our most important fundraising event of the year!

19th donation

Sadly, we lost Mrs. Honeycutt 4 years ago this month. It is an absolute honor to continue her lifelong work of being an advocate for educators.
It is always bittersweet to have to make a donation to an educator who is currently battling cancer, however we are grateful that because of your support, we are able to do so.

We just made our 19th donation today. Thank you, Mrs. Honeycutt. We, and many others, miss you every day.

16th donation in 4th state…and counting!

We are extremely excited to have made another donation to an incredible educator who is currently battling cancer.  Through all of your support, we are getting the word out to have now made donations to 16 educators across 4 states (NC, VA, GA and PA).  Without your support we wouldn’t know about the amazing educators we can potentially help so please contact us if you know of someone we can assist by filling out our online application HERE.

Thank you again for allowing us to have a small part in this fight against cancer!


2013 VSH foundation/Avett Brothers now available!

Friends, we are honored to once again be the recipient of generosity from our dear friends, The Avett Brothers. They designed, and will be selling (ONLINE ONLY) 2013 co-branded t-shirts with all proceeds going to the Foundation.  To order, please click HERE  (http://theavettbrothers NULL.kungfustore  There are unisex and girl’s shirts available so pick your favorite one now!!

Also, The Avett Brothers just released an incredible new album and being that they are such generous supporters of our efforts, we would love to do something for them in return—and possibly introduce some of you to an incredible group of musicians!  Their album is available at retailers around the country or on iTunes.  To order on iTunes please click HERE (https://itunes

Our sincere appreciation once again to an amazing group of musicians, people and friends and to all of you for your continued support!7195-medium

Another donation, another reminder of why we do this

Happy doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of our most recent donation to a math teacher with 35 years of service in Wilkesboro, NC.  First, congrats to her principal for having her come in on what she thought would be a conference call with someone to discuss SAT/ACT prep classes!  It was our first of those so the surprise could be felt through the phone.

A lot of us take for granted that we have cancer centers right in our backyard.  However, that is not the case for someone that has to drive to get their treatments—in this case, 33 visits, 110 miles round trip.  The intangible costs are those that sometimes go overlooked so what a joy it is to be able to help in some capacity.

The true reminder of why we do this (and will continue to do so) was when she broke down and said that the cancer diagnosis was difficult but the most difficult thing was possibly having to take some time away from her children in the classroom.  Such a heartfelt reminder of the selflessness of educators, everywhere.  Thank you Mrs. Wayne for this reminder and we are honored to be able to help!

I mean, how FUN is this!?!

We are so excited to have received the following email from an educator we were able to help in Staunton, VA.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to dunk their teacher?!?

“Hey Adam! I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but the kids just walked out the door for summer so I have a few minutes to spare – finally! Splash for Cash was a HUGE success!!! Many of the students said that it was their favorite activity of the whole year and the staff loved it, too. My husband ran the dunk tank all afternoon and had a great time, and the weather was perfect (even though we had a threat of possible rain). The best news is………you will be receiving checks totaling $1,057.26! I’m overwhelmed by the amount that we raised – I would never have thought that it would be that much. I will get the checks in the mail to you next week. And now…I have attached some of the over 200 pictures that were taken that day:) I am so proud to be able to make this donation to the Foundation!”

At no point did we ever expect to receive so much in return from doing what we do.  It just goes to show the special, unique heart of educators everywhere—it takes a special person to do what they do.  Thank you Mrs. Smith—we are beyond humbled!  Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this happen and the joy that it has brought to our day!  Now for a picture… 🙂

Dunk tank

South Meck baseball coach—incredible story!

Last night, we were honored to make a donation to a young man whose story is worthy of a Hollywood script!  After reading this story (click here) (http://www NULL.charlotteobserver NULL.html) we reached out to South Mecklenburg High to see what we could do.

Well not only did the Sabres’ baseball team end up winning that state championship, we were able to be in attendance last night at the team celebration and had the privilege to make a donation to their incredible coach, Coach Tuscan.

Other speakers and presenters were Carolina Panthers’ Head Coach Ron Rivera and one of Senator Richard Burr’s top aides.   Quite a humbling lineup but the South Meck family made us feel more than welcome.

Thank you for the warm welcome and allowing us to provide assistance to a wonderful young man and educator and be a part of your storybook tale!  We know that the ending will be Coach Tuscan’s successful fight against cancer!