Another donation, another reminder of why we do this

Happy doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of our most recent donation to a math teacher with 35 years of service in Wilkesboro, NC.  First, congrats to her principal for having her come in on what she thought would be a conference call with someone to discuss SAT/ACT prep classes!  It was our first of those so the surprise could be felt through the phone.

A lot of us take for granted that we have cancer centers right in our backyard.  However, that is not the case for someone that has to drive to get their treatments—in this case, 33 visits, 110 miles round trip.  The intangible costs are those that sometimes go overlooked so what a joy it is to be able to help in some capacity.

The true reminder of why we do this (and will continue to do so) was when she broke down and said that the cancer diagnosis was difficult but the most difficult thing was possibly having to take some time away from her children in the classroom.  Such a heartfelt reminder of the selflessness of educators, everywhere.  Thank you Mrs. Wayne for this reminder and we are honored to be able to help!

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