Our Inspiration

When asked what she would spend her last $5 on, Mrs. Honeycutt answered,

“Film to go in my camera. I would take pictures that would reflect the positive things in the world that people could look at while I’m gone.”

Vickie S. Honeycutt taught English at Mt. Pleasant High School in her native Cabarrus County, NC, for 32 years following her 1969 graduation from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. As a renowned teacher, Vickie designed and initiated a freshman seminar program and the Cadet Teaching Program, which paired students interested in teaching as a profession with career teachers to gain experience and insights before embarking on their formal training.  For eight years following an award-winning tenure in the classroom, Vickie was the assistant director of human resources for the Cabarrus County Schools with responsibility for the recruitment and retention of classroom teachers.  Building on the success of the Cadet Teaching Program, Vickie designed and implemented a new teacher mentor/lead mentor program, an adopt-a-new teacher program and an effective teacher training program for substitute teachers.

A devoted wife and mother of two, Vickie is remembered for her kind and gentle nature and her passion for teaching and mentoring the hundreds of students who were entrusted to her care. Ever an inspiration, Vickie was always helping people discover their talents and encouraging them to be their best.  She died of breast cancer in March 2010 at age 62.